Henry Ford's Lasting Legacy

"It is wiser to recognize that the future holds more than the past - that every day holds within it an improvement on the methods of the day before." - Henry Ford

A revolutionizer of big business, an innovator, and, ultimately, a shaper of American culture, Henry Ford’s actions and legacies make him a profound individual in history. Some of his notable legacies are examined below.

The Everyday Automobile
Henry Ford put the average man in the driver’s seat with his lightweight and affordable Model T, the progenitor of the modern family automobile. Today, billions of automobile owners around the world are beneficiaries of Ford’s innovation and pioneering spirit. Henry Ford - Actions & Legacies * Photos courtesy of the National Library of Congress
Ford officials make negotiations to extend sales to China, showing the international scope of Ford's lasting legacy.

Ford's lasting impact upon American history was tremendous. The Model T was the progenitor of all automobile. Ford Motor Company today is the world's fourth largest automaker. Billions of customers around the world today benefit from Henry Ford's innovation and pioneering spirit.

Ford's technologies, such as the assembly line, are not only used in all automobile factories, but the assembly line is an important factor of virtually every manufacturing company today. Additionally, Ford's concept of the minimum wage has now become a required aspect of all businesses.